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Type of Activity

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution 

Electric power is universal: it is practical to transmit over long distances and easy to distribute among individual consumers.

These tasks are solved by a power system where power from fuel or falling water is transformed into electric power, currents and voltages are transformed, and electric power is distributed and supplied to consumers.

A part of the power system including transformer substations (TS) and electric transmission lines (ETL) is called an electric grid. Therefore, the electric grid is used for electric power transmission from the points of production to the points of consumption and for its distribution among individual consumers and consumer groups.

To decrease losses in electric transmission lines (ETL) during electric power transmission from a source to consumer, voltage is increased using step-up transformers.

Upon completion of transmission via ETL, voltage is decreased using step-down transformers. Electric power is transmitted from the main step-down substation directly to facilities where final voltage decrease is performed at transformer substations (TS). In remote areas, mobile diesel power plants are used as temporary electric power sources for a construction site.

Prospective Development and Technological Connection

Technological connection is a service package provided by grid companies to legal entities and individuals with the purpose of electric power output.  Technological connection entails actual connection of consumer power receivers (power plants) to grid facilities.

Technological connection service is provided to newly connected consumers, as well as to consumers experiencing the need to increase the power input, and includes a broad set of activities, such as:

  1. filing of an application by a legal entity or individual intending to make the technological connection, increase the maximum capacity limit, as well as revise the power supply reliability category, connection points, and types of production activities without the need to revise (increase) the maximum capacity value but implying the need to customize the external power supply scheme of 

consumer power receivers;

  1. conclusion of the contract;

  2. implementation of technological connection activities by contracting parties as established in the contract;

  3. obtaining a permission from the federal state energy supervision agency authorizing the operation of applicant's facilities (in the instances provided for by the Technological Connection Regulations);

  4. actual connection of applicant's facilities to electric grids performed by the grid operator and actual voltage and power receipt (supply);

  5. drawing up of a certificate of technological connection, as well as an act of coordination of technological and (or) emergency reserved quota (for applicants specified in article 14(2) of Technological Connection Regulations).

Management of Power Supply Activities

Rosseti Northern Caucasus PJSC represented by Stavropolenergo, Kabbalkenergo, Karachaevo-Cherkesskenergo, Sevkavkazenergo, Dagenergo, and Ingushenergo subsidiaries along with Chechenenergo JSC controlled company functions as the electricity supplier of last resort.

In accordance with Federal Law No. 35-FZ On Power Industry as of March 26, 2003, the electricity supplier of last resort is a commercial entity obliged to enter into electric power sales and purchase contract with any electric power consumer making such a request, or with a person representing an electric power consumer or acting on behalf of it and wishing to purchase electric power.

The main business area of last resort suppliers includes sale and purchase of electric power (capacity) at wholesale and retail electric power markets. 

The primary objective of managing power supply activities is to ensure the continuous and reliable power supply to consumers.

Provision of Additional Non-Tariff Chargeable Services

Construction of electric grids and grid facilities is a core business activity of Rosseti Northern Caucasus. We are welcoming our clients to make use of our tremendous experience and complex technical support enabling to timely implement any projects within any time frames to a high standard, from the engineering survey to commissioning.

Relying on Rosseti Northern Caucasus you are relieving yourself from troubles and worries related to obtaining a construction permit, project coordination, procurement of materials and equipment, accomplishment of erection works, and project commissioning, while being delivered a complete range of power supply-related services.

Rosseti Northern Caucasus has at its disposal all necessary specialized machinery, equipment, and highly-experienced professionals.