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The company ensures electric power transmission grids across the territory of 7 North Caucasian Federal District entities
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RUB 27.42
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RUB 4408
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ROSSETI Northern Caucasus PJSC and its controlled companies supply electric power across the area of 170.4 thous. sq. km (1 % of the Russian territory) with the population of 9.9 million people (6.77% of the Russian population).
Overhead electric 138 000transmission lines
Transformer 29 588buildings
Number of employees 16 800 people
The overall power 672 700grid capacity
Annual reports:
Annual report of ROSSETI Northern Caucasus PJSC for 2019
Annual report of IDGC of Northern Caucasus PJSC for 2018
Annual report of IDGC of Northern Caucasus PJSC for 2017
Annual report of IDGC of Northern Caucasus PJSC for 2016
Annual report of IDGC of Northern Caucasus PJSC for 2015
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Type of activity:
Electric Power
Transmission and Distribution
Technological Connection
Management of Power Supply Activities
Provision of Additional
Non-Tariff Chargeable Services