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Being an integral part of the Russian distribution network complex, developing innovative and professional potential, continuously increasing investment attractiveness, setting ever higher standards of socially responsible business practices, based on the use of the latest technologies for resource conservation and energy efficiency

meet the needs of the economy and social development of the Russian Federation's constituent entities within the company's area of responsibility.

Strategic development | Company value

  1. Ensuring system reliability, security and sustainable functioning of the distribution electric grid complex of the region;
  2. Improving the efficiency of the Company and its controlled energy companies;
  3. Expansion and modernization of electric grid assets as a result of innovative large-scale technological renewal;
  4. Development of socially responsible business practices;
  5. Increasing the investment attractiveness of the company.
The company strives to ensure the maximum degree of reliable and uninterrupted supply of electric energy to the needs of the economy and social sector of the Russian Federation
Human resource
The key resource of the Company's activity is its employees, thanks to whom the Company creates, preserves and multiplies its value and authority over a long period of time. The achievement of strategic goals and objectives largely depends on the professionalism, integrity and safety of its employees
The company is aware of its responsibilities to its shareholders, investors and partners, and therefore the effectiveness of its activities is its basic value
The company applies a strictly regulated and balanced approach to the implementation of security measures and provides prevention of possible offenses
Social responsibility
The company is a socially responsible company that pays great attention to environmental issues, labor protection, and the implementation of social programs