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Production Figures

Rosseti Northern Caucasus PJSC and its controlled companies supply electric power across the area of 170.4 thous. sq. km (1 % of the Russian territory) with the population of 9.9 million people (6.77 % of the Russian population).

Today Rosseti Northern Caucasus company includes:

  • Overhead electric transmission lines with a total length of 138 thous. km 

  • 890 substations of 35+ kV with the total capacity of 12,717 MVA (Megavoltampere)

  • 29,620 substations below 35 kV with the total capacity of 5,189 MVA

  • 29,588 transformer buildings (distribution points) 

The overall power grid capacity is 672.7 thousand conventional units.

Number of employees (including controlled companies) is over 16,800 people.

Electric power output of the grid in 2019: 

  • 10.759 billion kWh (kilowatt hours) across the subsidiaries

  • 16.311 billion kWh across the group of companies