Mission and Strategy

The Presidential Decree dated November 22, 2012 №1567 “On Joint Stock Company Russian Networks” provided for design of the development strategy of Rosseti PJSC and the power grid complex of Russia as a whole. Such Russia’s Power Grid Complex Development Strategy is approved by the RF Government Order dated April 3, 2013 No.511-r.

As an integral part of the energy holding Rosseti, ROSSETI Northern Caucasus, PJSC should follow the overall strategy of the power grid complex (see section of the Rosseti PJSC website “About Company / Mission and Strategy”).

Despite the external challenges (increased geopolitical tensions, decrease in energy prices, weakening of the rouble, inflation growth), the vector of our development remains unchanged – to become a leader and competence center responsible for reliable power supply of consumers of the North Caucasus region and to keep this status. As before, during strategic planning, we use more the foresight method – the benchmarks are unchanged, but the means and tools to achieve them are adjusted by us according to the realities and the actual business conditions. We believe that this way we can ensure flexibility and effciency in solving the problems.

We see the mission of ROSSETI Northern Caucasus, PJSC as reliable and high-quality meeting the growing needs of the economy and social development of the Russian Federation constituent entities, located in the company’s area of responsibility, with the payment for the services acceptable for the consumers.