Company profile

ROSSETI Northern Caucasus – Interregional Distribution Grid Company functioning in the power sector of Russia. The Company is a natural monopoly, and tariffs for its services are set by regulatory bodies.

Key business activities:

  • power transmission and distribution;
  • technological connection of consumers to the grid infrastructure.

The Company also buys and sells power and capacities in the wholesale power and capacity market, and sells power and capacities in the retail market of the Republic of Ingushetia.

Year of incorporation:

Power Engineering

North Caucasus Federal District, Russian Federation

Included into Power Holding Rosseti PJSC

Share in the power transmission services market:
around 60 %

Covers 1 % of the territory and 6 % of the population of Russia

Manages five power supply and two grid companies

Shares are traded at the stock market of the Moscow Stock Exchange

Ownership structure: Rosseti PJSC (98,61 %), other shareholders (1,39 %).