Public Joint Stock Company «ROSSETI Northern Caucasus» (ROSSETI Northern Caucasus, PJSC) – the company functioning in the power sector of Russia. The Company is a natural monopoly, and tariffs for its services are set by regulatory bodies.

ROSSETI Northern Caucasus primary objective is to ensure in the long run the reliable, high quality and affordable power supply to consumers in the entire territory of the North Caucasus Federal District at the stage of power distribution by arrangement of the maximum effective infrastructure.

ROSSETI Northern Caucasus supplies power to consumers in the territory with the total area of 170.4 thousand km2 (1 % of the territory of Russia) with the population of 9.8 million people (around 6 % of the Russian population).

The Company is a leader in the territory of the North Caucasus Federal District in terms of power transmission services with the market share of around 60 % (share of productive power supply to the total supply in the region of presence).

Detailed information about the Company you can find in the sections "About", "Shareholders and investors" and "Branches and subsidiaries".

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